A Modern Strategist is a product of his time. All strategy begins with reality. Strategy is applying the mind to influence the real world; it is not something that exists solely in the human mind, nor something that can be described only in abstract terms. Strategy thus cannot take place in ignorance of reality in the time that he lives (and I use “he” as a neutral pronoun, for the record).

A Modern Strategist views the world as it truly is, not as he wishes the world to be. Nor does the strategist become consumed by rejection of the world; he accepts the world as it is, with both the good and the bad, and only then contrives to alter it to his preferences. Only by understanding the truth can plans to alter objective reality be made.

A Modern Strategist is a complete human being, and need not hide this fact. Where the ancients learned from professions beyond their own, such as Miyamoto Musashi learning more about the way of the samurai and the way of the strategist from studying the way of the carpenter, the modern man learns from not only his profession, but his hobbies and interests as well, combining everything in a complete package.

A Modern Strategist learns from others, seeking to learn not only from his own mistakes, but from those of others as well.

With this in mind, I seek not only to pursue my thoughts and theories on strategic thinking and helping others learn from the lessons of strategists past and present, but to present my own self as a complete human being with my many interests in life.

I hope to make this blog very interesting for a wide variety of people.