Now, in fairness, it isn’t really Zen that I discovered; it’s that I actually understand it to the point of writing a couple of articles about Zen and also, Chi, the Asian concept of internal energy. My work has now become the basis of a new feature on Technorati.

My article on Chi.

My article on Zen.

I like writing. I’m very bad at the chore of inserting links and other grunt work. I haven’t used Twitter enough. Put these three things together, and it forms this conclusion: I’m probably going to blog traditionally less, but do a lot more micro-blogging with Twitter, replying to articles, linking to articles with Twitter, and so on.

Many people say you should be very narrow in what you Tweet. I find that this just doesn’t work. Maybe it’s different in other areas. For mine, I have to blog as a complete person and not just leave part of myself out. It doesn’t mean I have to write indiscriminately. I still intend to avoid politics from my own lips, even if I may mention what others write about it from time to time (as a source of news on recent events). Even so, the point is to spread what little knowledge I have about this vast, complex world to others.

Will it work? Who knows? All I know is, I have more Zen in me than I suspected. More will come.