A New Dawn?

So, I hadn’t posted here in a long time. I have good reasons – life, learning how to be a webmaster of a small corporate site owned in part by family – but in addition, I write about strategy. This Libya mess hasn’t had much. Now, however, we get a clear indication of where this is going in the future: the rebirthing of Libya, the first among many perhaps in what promises to be a new era of worldwide instability.

Rebirthing is the common name for what is formally known as attachment therapy (scroll down to “cases” if you want the quick and dirty version of the controversy). The short version is, children who do not display enough attachment to parents are introduced to a program of complete submission to these adults, resulting in a catharsis – a moment of religious-like conversion and a new lease on life, where proper child-like attachment and doting on authority is successfully taught.

The case of Candace Newmaker is the one I have heard of specifically.

a ten-year-old adopted girl who was killed by asphyxiation during a rebirthing session used as part of a two week attachment therapy “intensive”. The two attachment therapists, Connell Watkins (formerly of The Attachment Center, Evergreen) and Julie Ponder were each sentenced to 16 years imprisonment for their part in the therapy during which Candace was wrapped in blankets and required to struggle to be reborn, against the weight of several adults. Her inability to struggle out was interpreted as “resistance”. Her adoptive mother and the “therapeutic foster parents” with whom she had been placed received lesser penalties.[65][99] Watkins was released on parole in August 2008 after serving approximately 7 years of her sentence.[100]

Let us keep this in mind as I write of the rebirthing of nations.

New Beginnings

I had today’s big revelation while reading about the big conference being held in London concerning Libya’s future. Leading up to this, a very Western-looking statement emerged from the rebel council promising democratic reform, the sort of document one can scarcely believe they came up with and wrote themselves. Indeed, I do not believe it. But that is not the point here…

No, the point is this issue of a new beginning for Libya. In other words, Libya, which had seen a truly remarkable degree of stability for over four decades under its dictator’s rule, is undergoing its own rebirthing experience: coming under prolonged internal and external pressure with the aim of cracking it, reforming its mindset, replacing its government and, with a degree of surgical cleanliness that seems incredible – as in, I do not find it credible at all – will establish a new nation directly atop the old, without the wholesale destruction of what came before it.

Essentially, this is an agreement for every self-styled do-gooder on Earth to join forces to invent a nation where the old one is being overwritten, rather than a simple deletion. It’s meant to be like what you do with computer files.

I don’t think they can hit Save As first and keep a spare copy of Libya in case something goes wrong.

This isn’t nation building, the previous hobgoblin of international policy. This is something far more insidious. It is taking existing nations that have stresses within them, exacerbating those stresses, essentially taking gaping wounds and escalating them to shock induced heart attacks, and attempting to nurse the patient back to health in the hopes of benefiting from Stockholm Syndrome and being adored due to having saved the patient’s life, regardless of having put that life in even greater danger to begin with.

It isn’t conquest; that would be war, and war is bad. This isn’t colonization; the nation will continue to exist on paper. This isn’t subversion; no no no, it’s supporting democracy that derives from the barrel of a gun.

It’s forced rebirthing.

Just think about that for a minute.

Fragile Plans

So, the conference has managed to say it supports a free, united Libya 100% out of Qaddafi’s control, totally in the hands of a united opposition that will institute a democratic paradise that sounds far cleaner than America’s own messy democracy (or anyone else’s for that matter).

In other words, they’ve bet on every last tiny detail going absolutely perfectly right. By the force of sheer willpower and thought projection, they presume that in line with The Secret, the universe will magically realign itself with their unified desires and collective human willpower will make things happen exactly according to plan.

Yes, silly, I know…

An Uncertain Future

You know, it’s not even that I like the idea of teaching kids to dote on parents and not think for themselves and reflexively follow authority. I understand why certain parents think that is a fine idea, but children must grow up and become adults… and these are poor habits for adulthood.

So what will this new Libya look like when it’s grown up?

No one knows and no one really cares. That’s the reality.

The rather frightening thing about Obama’s big speech last night is that his argument for why the US is involved here is essentially, because we can. This is quite an evolution of “Yes We Can” and is a writ for spreading the rebirthing of nations anywhere and everywhere there is sufficient weakness shown in an existing regime permitting a blitzkrieg of international attention to overturn the old order and bring about change. Because change is good, right?

Yeah, well, the Roman Empire falling was change, too. Not everyone thinks that was an improvement.

So it seems that, as circumstances permit, we’re going to try and cuddle nations to death with bombs and international conferences and flooding the media with messages to keep cheer-leading reporters gainfully employed and not thinking too hard, and well, there’s one message that Obama’s speech had that went far beyond words.

It said, “Trust me.

That’s what certain people wanted to hear.

Me? I refer to Murphy’s Law, and shudder at the gargantuan list of things that can go wrong with this.

Sometimes the life you have is worth more than the new lease on life in the bush.