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The best summary of what I’ve written about Zen is at Zen: Life Made Simple at the hyperlink. You can also find the Zen for an Uncluttered Life feature at Technorati. For this and other commentary, you can visit the Learn Out Live Blog also.

The idea behind all this is to promote Education for Better Living, the idea that the more we know, and the less tangled what we know happens to be, the better off our lives will be, both in terms of bounty and enjoyment.

Having said this, I am in no way a formal teacher (or even student) of Zen; good luck finding a Zen center in rural Nova Scotia. My years of living in a small-time place have helped concentrate my mind on issues of simplification and mental clarity, and I like sharing that with the world, but this is the pursuit of the Zen idea, not Zen the religion. Then again, I firmly maintain that Zen was never something that belonged to monks alone. If it had, it would never have been part of the background of Japanese society.


Full Version: “Sun Tzu for the Modern Strategist”

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I’ve priced it at $5.00 U.S.

Myebook - Sun Tzu for the Modern Strategist - click here to open my ebook

Sun Tzu Book – Sample Chapter on

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Myebook - Sun Tzu for the Modern Strategist (Sample Chapter) - click here to open my ebook

I hear Mashable did a story on and interest surged.

Learn Out Live

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Learn Out Live is a recent effort by tutors who were flailing about on a failing education site to create a central online headquarters for streamlined, efficient provision of one on one tutoring services to students via Skype. Classes are 10 Euros for 45 minutes. I will be taking over the English department and will be founding an upcoming Japanese department from scratch.

A promo video for the English department is below.

I Have Finished A Book About Sun Tzu.

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This book is not yet published. I am vigorously pursuing options for publishing and marketing this book, probably electronically since it is not a mass market paperback novel after all. Suggestions are greatly appreciated.

I’ll keep you posted.

It’s CES Week!

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I’m going to be writing a number of articles for Technorati about what’s coming out at CES. I’ve always wondered what doing something like this would be like. Now, I get to find out. This probably means not much blogging for a little while.

In the meantime, enjoy this relaxing image.


Sun Tzu for the Modern Strategist eBook

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This is a free sample chapter. Interested? Let me know!

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