My Japanese Teaching Method

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Cool stuff and vocabulary & trivia on both ends of the spectrum, alternating between the two, but regularly crossing and re-crossing the fundamentals, including grammar, thus placing the grammar in context.

Does it make sense to you, presented in this way?


One Must Learn Before One Can Teach

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Okay, looks like I just lost a 1400-word post because.. something messed up. I’m not impressed, so I’ll make this really brief.

All that interferes with teaching must be stripped away.

A teacher must learn about students from every interaction to better serve their needs.

One-way communication with a smiling face is just as useless as one-way communication without one.

Hearing without listening is not a substitute for genuinely listening.

To teach with a relaxed feel but wind up teaching more than anyone expects is to master presentation. This is to teach calmly, but in haste; “festina lente”.

“The way” is to prepare the mind, and then to empty the mind of prejudice and preconception to re-open the self to real and present circumstance.

The “sage on the stage” is, for all teaching save university lecture halls, a straw man of no applicability. The problem is not teaching too much; the problem is teaching too little. This can only be solved through direct action.